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The Cape Floral Kingdom, the smallest of the six recognised floral kingdoms of the world, is an area of extraordinarily high diversity and home to over 9,000 plant species, of which 69 per cent are endemic. Much of this diversity is associated with the fynbos biome.

With exclusive access to 1 000 hectares of this region, including two perennial rivers, kilometres of walking trails, Polaris all-terrain vehicles and a nature guide, Drakenskloof provides the perfect setting to discover this unique floral kingdom.

The property contains over 800 species of fynbos tree, shrub and plant and a wide range of fauna, including Leopard, Klipspringer, Black Eagles, Angulate Tortoises, Cape Clawless Otters, Giant Musk Shrews, Black-backed Jackal and Cape Horseshoe bats.

Drakenskloof is also home to 140 bird species, with several fynbos endemics found on the property including the Cape Rock-jumper, Victorin’s Warbler, Orange-Breasted Sunbird, Cape Sugarbird, Protea Seedeater and the Cape Siskin.

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